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  • 58. The US and Russia's Race to the Arctic
    by Iliad Media
    Listen up Salty Wenches! Today we're gonna talk about what The Salt is calling the Ice Race, or the Race to the Arctic between the US and Russia, both trying to colonize the arctic before the other. Get ready for the next amazing race! We're also going to talk about where Americans can go on a last minute vacation, both foreign and domestic. Back to you Salty Wenches, enjoy the show!Check out the official Order of the Salt cult website where we post our show notes and make fun of the news, strait from the source! We'll be posting news […]
  • 57. The SpaceX mission that nobody gave a sh*t about until now!
    by Iliad Media
    Listen up, Salty Wenches, this is going to be a fun one! We're going to talk about the SpaceX launch and completion of their mission to the International Space Station and dive into the history of space exploration as a whole! We've got a lot of good info for you today, and some info about Mia Khalifa… listen up to find out!Check out our website for show notes and to join the comment threads:https://thesaltpodcast.com/And our Instagram for some dank news memes and show updates:@thesalt_podcast
  • 56. Why are federal agents some cities, and why are blue cities so bad right now?
    by Iliad Media
    Listen up Salty Wenches! Today we're going to look at why federal agents have moved into US cities to stop the riots, who they are, and what they're doing. We're also going to address some super tough questions about why exactly it is that it's only blue cities that they've moved into, and why the riots have been the worst there compared to everywhere else. Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride today. Check out the Order of the Salt official website, where the show notes and articles will be posted. You can comment and leave your own […]
  • 55. Is China Stealing the COVID-19 Vaccine?
    by Iliad Media
    Listen up Salty Wenches! Today we're going to explore the possibility of Chinese spies stealing information that could lead to a COVID-19 vaccine as well as the theft of intellectual property, trade secrets, and defense secrets… all by Chinese spies. It's gonna be a wild ride today, so strap in!Check out our new official website at: https://thesaltpodcast.com/Our Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/thesalt_podcast/Email us at: info.thesaltpodcast@gmail.com
  • 54. Kanye For President 2020?!
    by Iliad Media
    Check it out Salty Wenches, we've got quite the story for you today! Looks like Kanye is running for president this year against his buddy President Trump, so tune in and hear all about it! Also, we're going to talk about how the Mayor of Seattle got kinda screwed by her own supporters and policies! Hey, if you want to see more about the CHOP (or rather what the CHOP was) in Seattle, definitely head over to the War and Peace site and check it out, link is below. Keep it real and stay salty!https://warandpeacemedia.com/
  • 53. How The CHOP In Seattle Really Is, Plus Interviews From ANTIFA And Families United 4 Justice
    by Iliad Media
    Check it out! Today we have interviews from ANTIFA and Families United 4 Justice, straight from the CHOP in Seattle. Yes, we drove all the way from Texas to Seattle to bring this information to you! We're going to explore how it really is in the CHOP and how it really isn't, plus the good, the bad, and the ugly of the situation. It's gonna be a good one! Here's the link for the War and Peace website where the docu-series will go, don't miss it! https://warandpeacemedia.com/ Back to you Salty Wench, enjoy!
  • 52. Downtown Seattle is a Country now? Plus the History of Race Riots in the US
    by Iliad Media
    So I guess downtown Seattle is a country now called CHAZ or CHOP. Check it out in today's episode, but we're going to have a very, very in-depth one in the future on this topic. Plus as promised, we're going to explore the history of race related riots in the USA from the 60's to the 90's and spoiler alert: this part is sad. Hope y'all enjoy, Salty Wenches!
  • 51. #DefundThePolice, the History of Race Riots, and White Supremacy
    by Iliad Media
    Special stuff this week! We've got a two part episode: in this one, we check out the #defundthepolice movement and the main alleged white supremacy group being talked about in America right now. In Part 2 coming later this week, we're going to dive into the history of race-related riots in the US. So get ready and listen up Salty Wenches, it's going to be a rough couple of episodes, but fun to do with y'all nonetheless! 
  • 50. "I Can't Breath."
    by Iliad Media
    Today we're going to look into George Floyd's death and remember the cause that's been bastardized by rioters and looters. We also wrote a letter to Russia's President Putin, so be sure to listen up for that, Salty Wenches!
  • 49. Impeachment: Did a Former US Ambassador Lie During the Hearings?
    by Iliad Media
    Salty Wenches this is gonna be a good one and we get real in it, so listen up! We're going to explore the possibility of former US Ambassador to Ukraine lying during her testimony against Trump in the impeachment trials. DISCLAIMER: Our judicial system works on an innocent until proven guilty standard, and I expect all Salty Wenches to operate the same way when receiving new information. The info in this episode hasn't been conclusively proven in court, but it does need to be talked about because it is indicative of something that is a very, very big deal. Enjoy!

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