How to Build a Country, Part 1

Ukraine: a place very near and dear to us here at Iliad Media. We’re Americans that stand with Ukraine in its struggles. In this article series, we will retell the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, rebuilding Ukraine better than it was before the war. These people are leaders and volunteers of Building Ukraine Together.

What is Building Ukraine Together and what do they do?

Building Ukraine Together is an organization that started from nothing in the shadow of a war ravaging Ukraine in 2014. People were losing their homes, children were being orphaned, and civilians were being displaced. As if the people living in the Donbas region of Ukraine didn’t have enough problems already, another serious problem was added to the list in the time: a lot of people needed somewhere to live, but didn’t have anywhere to go or the resources to help themselves.

Around this time is when a great organization found its origins. The premise was simple: help people who need help and build our country back better than it was.

This organization is called Building Ukraine Together. With very limited resources and a drive to help those in need, the founders started doing something so simple, so basic to human survival: making places livable again for those who had lost their homes in the war.

Not long after, more and more people started joining in. Soon they had a respectable following of people from all kinds of different regions within Ukraine and nationalities from around the world.

Fast forward to 2019, and you can now see a very large and famous organization actively operating for several months out of the year repairing houses and facilities all over Ukraine.

They help rebuild communities and provide opportunities for young adults to go and learn how to work, give, and form lifelong bonds.

Iliad and Building Ukraine Together:

We at Iliad spent a couple weeks with Building Ukraine Together in July 2019 in Zolotonosha, Ukraine. The projects were:

  • To build a house (or at least as much as we could) for a family whose home had burned down. 
  • Repair and insulate an elderly woman’s home.
  • Build a youth center in the local college dorms to give the youth somewhere to go and something to do.

The experience was unlike any other. Building Ukraine Together helps so many people throughout their country; the elderly, the sick, the disadvantaged, the poor, the young. We had the opportunity to get just a taste of that in the couple of weeks we were there.

In the coming articles, we’ll talk more in-depth about the volunteers and the people the group served while in Zolotonosha.

How to volunteer/donate:

To donate money, you can go to the website and donate with either a credit card or PayPal. Every penny counts! To donate time and volunteer, you can find the application on the linked site.

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